Acting long crystal, new clean energy. Main push long crystal full series, resistance and capacitance.

LCD driver chip: lian Yong;

BMS:AP(Taiwan Fuding) and CJ;

Op-amp: Poly xun;

DC - DC: poly alone but;

Cell phone material capacitance: Yuyang;

Soft terminal: Fenghua /HEC.

Product Information List

Brand product category

1 changdian (Changjing Technology) frequency devices, diodes, transistors, MOSFET, IC products, composite tubes, silicon controlled


3 HEC chip capacitor (high voltage, start, high Q value, safety regulations, flexible electrode -- fracture resistant)

4 Fenghua capacitance, resistance, inductance,

5 New clean energy 12V~ 200V groove power MOSFET (N channel and P channel), 30V~300V shielding grid

Power MOSFET (N channel and P channel), 500V~900V overjunction power MOSFET,

600V~1350V grooved gate cut-off IGBT

6 Changde micro high voltage MOSFET, IPM intelligent power module, IGBT module

Su xun operational amplifier IC

8 Nichicon chip type, lead type, ox foot type, bolt type aluminum electrolytic capacitor, etc

9 Viking precision resistors, ultra-low resistance, ultra-low temperature floating, with the widest range of resistance,

The most precise and reliable process, become the world's few resistance accuracy up to 0.01%, TCR

Manufacturer of 2ppm/'C

10 Samsung MLCC chip capacitor, ceramic gauge capacitor, ceramic vibration, filter and other products

Yufit NTC thermistor and temperature sensor.

EDA(Taiwan) Schottky diode, ultrafast recovery diode, efficient rectification diode, fast recovery diode

Instantaneous suppression diode, etc

Murata MLCC patch Capacitance, Thermistor, patch inductance (bead)

Ceramic safety capacitor, ceramic vibration, filter and other products

EPCOS i. Capacitors: 1. Thin film capacitors 2. Super capacitors 3

Two, linear resistance class: 1, PTC positive temperature coefficient thermistor 2, NTC negative temperature coefficient

Thermistor 3, varistor

Inductance /EMC components

Four, gas discharge tube

Kemet tantalum capacitors, film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors

NTC negative temperature coefficient thermistor, varistor

17 Yufit NTC negative temperature coefficient thermistor, varistor

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Indoor positioning is, in many ways, an inside version of the satellite-navigation apps we rely on for outdoor navigation, but with an added twist – it can also be used to help locate people and things.

Let’s say you’re at home and misplaced your car keys, or you’re in a grocery store and can’t find your favorite brand of coffee. Or maybe you’re working in a factory and need a particular tool from a storage bin, or you’re a site manager dealing with an emergency and need to make sure everyone’s exited the building. Indoor positioning helps in all these situations, because it can locate items and guide you to where they are.

rafavi e2 01
Support call, music, voice prompt, listen to e-books

Bluetooth protocol: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Call Duration: 6 hours
Music duration (normal volume): 5 ~ 6 hours
Battery capacity: 40 mah
Charging case battery capacity: 400 mA

Charging case Charging input: DC5.0V=400mA
Charging box output: DC5.0V=70mA (single)

Main competitive advantage: Distance of 20 meters (with no obstacles)
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